Life Well-Balanced

Break your tech addiction and build a healthy relationship with your device in this 30 day science-based journey

Technology is perfectly designed to hold every second of your attention captive every day.

So we've crafted a journey to help you regain control

Challenge yourself for 30 days

Embark on a life well-balanced journey and start living with more intention

Take on weekly challenges to build 5 new habits

Build life-long habits using evidence based behavior change strategies

Achieve your goal to live a life well-balanced

Regain control and live a life well-balanced

Here's our 30-day plan for you

Week 1

Live a life well-balanced by observing your technology use, and understanding how you interact with it.

Fabulous will teach you how to disrupt your autopilot and overcome the distracting impulse to reach for your phone. This is the first essential step to changing your relationship with your devices.

Week 2

Live a life well-balanced by getting inspired. Be a tourist and find that freshness and excitement again!

Bring back the element of surprise by observing your own world with curiosity. This will allow you to experience it in an entirely new way.

Week 3

Live a life well-balanced by disconnecting & unplugging so you can choose when to fully switch off.

A deep, uninterrupted, soothing night's sleep is the secret to unlocking your potential for mental flexibility, self-discipline, focus and creativity. It's the key to finding your tech-life balance.

Week 4

Live a life well-balanced by sitting & thinking. Learn to relax and get lost in your thoughts.

Unlike our devices, deep thinking won’t provide instant gratification. It takes time so let your mind wander, following a train of thought to its conclusion.

Week 5

Live a life well-balanced by creating deep focus to accomplish your biggest tasks.

Focus fully and completely on your biggest tasks so you can produce better work, more efficiently. When you finish, everything will feel sharper, fresher, and more inspiring.

Download Fabulous and achieve a Life Well-Balanced with our 30 day journey today

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