For those that don’t have a regular schedule, I’ve been scheduling my deep work according to my work shifts. What are some problems with this?

Charles Davis
Your deep work is for YOU and what you want to work on for your­self. In my opin­ion sched­ul­ing your deep work with your work shifts may pose an issue. Focus­ing on your job respon­si­bil­i­ties and your own needs at the same time may cause you to neglect one for the oth­er. Try carv­ing out maybe 30 min­utes to an hour a day and do your deep work dur­ing that time. Keep­ing on sched­ule will allow you to build good habits and with the con­sis­ten­cy you’ll be able to make your deep work a lifestyle. You’ll enjoy it more and actu­al­ly look for­ward to that time you’ve set aside for YOU.