How do I avoid lazyness?

Flenn Moreno
Exer­cise in the morn­ing.

Then prac­tice focused deep work.

Eat and sleep healthy.

Enjoy your fam­i­ly & friends.

When some­thing doesn’t not go accord­ing to plan, try your best to fix it rather than ignor­ing it, being lazy, or even afraid of the change in plan, fix it and move for­ward.

remem­ber to see the change in plan as a new expe­ri­ence or chal­lenge rather than set back.

Clair­ta Nogueira
You real­ly need to think and feel the change of habits as some­thing as impor­tant as breath­ing, as if your life would depend on that. Than after is just a mat­ter of focus and dri­ve.
Wal­lace Andrews
You have to respect your­self and under­stand what you want and what is best for you, you have to real­ize when you are mak­ing a deci­sion that could cause you to relax in a time when real work could and should be get­ting done.
Rus­sell Lee
Avoid shame and self blame for tak­ing time for your­self rather than scratch­ing things off your to do list. Self accep­tance breeds ener­gy and moti­va­tion.