How do you stay awake during meditation?

You focus on your mind, body and breathing during meditation.
If you're unable to stay awake you're either doing an extremely relaxing meditation, oryou are not concentrating on the meditation going on and instead of not only letting your mind wander, you are actually going a step further and letting your mind excuse itself from the exercise.
During the meditation, always be aware of what is going on and fully connect to your mind and body. Do not let your mind wander to the point where you have no control over it!
You must remember that you are in control of your functions and not the other way around! Hope this helps!

Fabien Michel

I make sure to sit up with a straight back. It's an active sit rather than a relaxed or reclined sit. It's harder to fall asleep that way.

Doris Mccoy

I have been meditating since I was in high school. At first it was more challenging and some days it still is. Like most things you become better at it as you go. To stay awake maybe do it when you are not tired. I like to do it first thing because I'm a morning person. Whenever you are most alert throughout the day that's when I'd practice. Tell your brain and body you are going to meditate for x amount of time and it is to (fill in your reasoning). Just communicating this to yourself will help. Guided meditation, counting your breath, or being completely mindful of the moment could help. Best of luck!

Adam Terry

Focusing on the breath. Actively deeper breathing. Focusing on every sense and if I do fall asleep my body obviously needs it and it always feels better than an ordinary nights sleep

Richard Vasquez

I usually meditate after I have taken a 30mins nap, that way I'm already more refreshed and don't feel sleepy while I meditate.

Erin Mills

By paying close attention to breathing, noting thoughts and returning to the breath, and sitting up with my doing tall and body relaxed

Valdemar Larsen

Staying awake has never really been a problem for me. I usually meditate to calm myself down, anyway, so I'm not normally in a sleepy state of mind during my practice. I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you directly. However, I know that Eaknath Easwaran addresses this problem in his book How to Meditate. Maybe you could look there!

Stella Ford

Sometimes I do. Meditation during the day normally if it's future dreaming, for my sub conscious mind I fall asleep to it.

Naël Joly

Drinking coffee or black/green tea is recommended before meditating.

Charlie Lynch

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