How do you stay awake during meditation?

Fabi­en Michel
You focus on your mind, body and breath­ing dur­ing med­i­ta­tion.
If you’re unable to stay awake you’re either doing an extreme­ly relax­ing med­i­ta­tion, ory­ou are not con­cen­trat­ing on the med­i­ta­tion going on and instead of not only let­ting your mind wan­der, you are actu­al­ly going a step fur­ther and let­ting your mind excuse itself from the exer­cise.
Dur­ing the med­i­ta­tion, always be aware of what is going on and ful­ly con­nect to your mind and body. Do not let your mind wan­der to the point where you have no con­trol over it!
You must remem­ber that you are in con­trol of your func­tions and not the oth­er way around! Hope this helps!
Hai­ley Hugh­es
Don’t just try to focus on breath all the time some­times it’s ok to let your mind won­der and the best thing to do to stay awake is to sit in with your back straight and not lie down
Erin Mills
I usu­al­ly med­i­tate after I have tak­en a 30mins nap, that way I’m already more refreshed and don’t feel sleepy while I med­i­tate.
Naël Joly
Some­times I do. Med­i­ta­tion dur­ing the day nor­mal­ly if it’s future dream­ing, for my sub con­scious mind I fall asleep to it.
Grace Ryan
Being new to it helps! I find myself won­der­ing con­stant­ly, “Am I doing it? How about now? Is my mind emp­ty?”. To bring focus, I start with focussing on the inside of my lips and tongue, those places which feel cool when you’re draw­ing breath into your lungs, and warm when you exhale. This is the only way I’ve found to start focussing all the way through a breath. If I con­cen­trate too much on my tum­my or diaphragm, I end up push­ing and tens­ing. But if I gen­tly feel the cool and the warm, I get into a rhythm which keeps me awake.
Patrick Kel­ley
I often use med­i­ta­tion and breath­ing exer­cis­es to send me off to sleep. I’m usu­al­ly asleep after two min­utes and the medi­a­tion video car­ries on play­ing for a while. I realise that this kind of miss­es the point of med­i­ta­tion — being present in the moment and focus­ing inwards — you can’t real­ly do these things while you’re asleep! But for a cou­ple min­utes I feel total peace and seren­i­ty, so I will con­tin­ue to do this. How­ev­er, I am try­ing to start med­i­tat­ing at oth­er times too. Med­i­tat­ing sat upright in a com­fort­able dis­tor­tion, on a cush­ion on the floor could real­ly help for exam­ple. Hard to fall asleep when you’re sat up!
Bob­bie Wright
Some­times I do some­times I don’t. With the present I focus on that and do short 10 min­utes. Long med­i­ta­tions I do choose to sleep.
Valde­mar Larsen
By pay­ing close atten­tion to breath­ing, not­ing thoughts and return­ing to the breath, and sit­ting up with my doing tall and body relaxed
Adalsin­do Lima
I try con­cen­trate in my res­pi­ra­tiom process. Is evi­dent that I (and all humans) can’t have a state of total emp­ty mind, we have a com­plex neu­ro­log­i­cal sis­tem that nev­er stop, thats the rea­son for the first atempt we don’t feel very well and use­less on the med­i­ta­tion art, but if we com­cen­trate on our res­pi­ra­tion, we will do bet­ter with prac­tice, patience and time.
Sofie Jør­gensen
I don’t sleep while med­i­tat­ing because I sit in lotus posi­tion on the floor. I would jerk myself awake some­times if I start sleep­ing and falling towards the back. The best is to keep my eyes half opened if I am not too tired.
Stel­la Ford
Stay­ing awake has nev­er real­ly been a prob­lem for me. I usu­al­ly med­i­tate to calm myself down, any­way, so I’m not nor­mal­ly in a sleepy state of mind dur­ing my prac­tice. I’m sor­ry I can’t be of more help to you direct­ly. How­ev­er, I know that Eak­nath Easwaran address­es this prob­lem in his book How to Med­i­tate. Maybe you could look there!
Sofie Thom­sen
That’s a very good ques­tion I usu­al­ly do my med­i­tat­ing at night before I go to bed that way it helps me fall asleep every now and then I’ll do a morn­ing 1 to help wake me up at start my day but more often than not I do in the evenings for I go to sleep
Liva Ander­sen
I sit up and med­i­tate, also the time of day makes a dif­fer­ence. If I fall asleep then I just take it as an indi­ca­tor that I need more or bet­ter sleep.
Richard Vasquez
Focus­ing on the breath. Active­ly deep­er breath­ing. Focus­ing on every sense and if I do fall asleep my body obvi­ous­ly needs it and it always feels bet­ter than an ordi­nary nights sleep
Cather­ine Ter­ry
I start­ed by keep­ing it real­ly short until I got more used to it— 5 min­utes at first, and even 1 minute on a night I was par­tic­u­lar­ly tired. I also don’t put it last in my rou­tine, so I have oth­er steps to do before going to bed, and I haven’t com­plete­ly wound down yet.
Doris Mccoy
I make sure to sit up with a straight back. It’s an active sit rather than a relaxed or reclined sit. It’s hard­er to fall asleep that way.
Jim­my Fowler
I start by mak­ing sure I’m sit­ting up. I sit against the wall with my pil­low behind my back so I don’t get dis­tract­ed by the cold. As I breathe, I count to 6. This men­tal count­ing helps me guide my thoughts back to breath­ing as my mind starts to wan­der.
Britt Pott
Med­i­ta­tion has to be done on some object. Nev­er to be done on void. May you do that with eyes open or closed. For eyes open, you could start try­ing can­dle med­i­ta­tion. This helps you to keep your mind active, keep­ing it away from oth­er thoughts which lead us to sleep. For eyes closed you could med­i­tate on deity. That helps you have an object to look at in your mind and thus keep­ing it active.
Simon Per­rin
I focus on what the instruc­tions are.
I focus on the breath.
I focus on “not­ing” when my mind wan­ders into regrets or sto­ries pre­dict­ing future con­ver­sa­tions or test results, or rela­tion­ships.
I have start­ed to become suc­cess­ful at not­ing and then let­ting go.
I assure myself that I am smart and if I am list­ing things I need to do that I will recall them again and get them done in time.
I will write them on my to do list tomor­row and releas­es.
I have been using the calm app since August so almost 6 months and I can notice a dif­fer­ence in me already!
Adam Ter­ry
I have been med­i­tat­ing since I was in high school. At first it was more chal­leng­ing and some days it still is. Like most things you become bet­ter at it as you go. To stay awake maybe do it when you are not tired. I like to do it first thing because I’m a morn­ing per­son. When­ev­er you are most alert through­out the day that’s when I’d prac­tice. Tell your brain and body you are going to med­i­tate for x amount of time and it is to (fill in your rea­son­ing). Just com­mu­ni­cat­ing this to your­self will help. Guid­ed med­i­ta­tion, count­ing your breath, or being com­plete­ly mind­ful of the moment could help. Best of luck!
Maïwenn Bernard
I am stake away dur­ing med­i­ta­tion with the help of this app’s med­i­ta­tion alarm and my mind also say me to do med­i­ta­tion and also have to study in morn­ing so I have to do med­i­ta­tion.
Char­lie Lynch
Drink­ing cof­fee or black/green tea is rec­om­mend­ed before med­i­tat­ing.
Emy Mar­tinez
I have dozed off dur­ing a med­i­ta­tion and I take it as my body telling me sleep is the most impor­tant thing. I still wake refreshed when my timer goes off and I con­tin­ue to work the next time on my med­i­ta­tion.