Meditation is difficult for me. I think there are a lot that I should learn but the problem is that I am not even able to slow down my thoughts. As soon as I wake up my mind jumps everywhere. How can I setup an effective meditation habit that really helps me visualizing my goals?

Jonathan Ras­mussen
To med­i­tate I believe you have to real­ly make time for it. And not just insert it any­time in your dai­ly sched­ule. You have to make sure you are in good shape to do it too. Con­sid­er your space, loca­tion, seren­i­ty and pre­pared­ness. Well that is what I think suits me bet­ter.
Zoraide Fogaça
The head­space app real­ly changed med­i­ta­tion for me. The whole con­cept is that you can med­i­tate doing any­thing. Mind­ful­ness is not lim­it­ed to times you are seat­ed doing qui­et med­i­ta­tion. You can med­i­tate doing sport, clean­ing the house, doing work. It’s all about the inten­tion that you set at the begin­ning of a task. On allow­ing down thoughts — I’ve found that it’s impos­si­ble to slow down my thoughts. Instead, I see my thoughts for what they are. It’s like hav­ing an annoy­ing room-mate around that keeps say­ing stu­pid things. You are not your thoughts. You are meant to be the watcher/observer of thoughts. If a thought comes up, you go, hey there thought, you are not real. It’s dif­fi­cult to do with all thoughts, because some I get attached to eas­i­er than oth­ers. But keep work­ing on it. It gets eas­i­er.
Ellen Hunter
Try lis­ten­ing to med­i­ta­tions that are short and hap­py.
Hans josef Krohn
Guid­ed med­i­ta­tions can be real­ly help­ful when start­ing off. You don’t have to work as hard to slow down thoughts. Just lis­ten to the guide and keep bring­ing your focus back to what­ev­er visu­al­iza­tion they are talk­ing you through. It real­ly helped me 🙂
Lucas Sim­mons
I have a lot of trou­ble with med­ica­tion too, but I have been using a med­i­ta­tion app called “10% Hap­pi­er” that seems to be designed for peo­ple like me who find it very dif­fi­cult to med­i­tate! It is very for­giv­ing, and keeps remind­ing me that even one minute med­i­ta­tion is good, and that absolute­ly every­body gets dis­tract­ed almost all the time, because gen­er­at­ing new thought sis what our minds nat­u­ral­ly do. The impor­tant thing is to keep com­ing back, to notice that you’re think­ing or are dis­tract­ed or what­ev­er, and to come back to focus­ing on your breath, or your body aware­ness, or your com­pas­sion med­i­ta­tion or what­ev­er med­i­ta­tion it is you’re doing. We all get dis­tract­ed, this is nor­mal and human, and the impor­tant thing is to just keep com­ing back. One thing it said that I found very use­ful was that the impor­tant moment in med­i­ta­tion isn’t when you aren’t dis­tract­ed — it’s when you real­ize that you are dis­tract­ed, and come back to notic­ing your breath. It’s the moment you do that that you are med­i­tat­ing. Any­way I hope that helps!
Mar­ius Lucas
Don’t try to slow your thoughts down, but at first try to observe them. Sim­ply won­der what your mind jumps to and from.
Try to set up a spe­cif­ic time in the day suit­able for your rou­tine that you will medi­ate at. It will be like your own rit­u­al.
For me, med­i­ta­tion music is key to visu­al­i­sa­tion. So if I don’t like music behind spo­ken medi­a­tion, I find it more dif­fi­cult to focus.
Try to imag­ine colours that you asso­ciate with feel­ings of calm too. Lat­er, your mind may come up with images relat­ed to those colours for you to be able to relax.
I hope this helped!
Emma Tay­lor
I can’t deal with visu­al­iza­tion med­i­ta­tion as well. I try to focus on my breath­ing and let go of the idea that the med­i­ta­tion should be pro­duc­tive and goal ori­ent­ed. I have the whole day for think­ing about goals I have, my med­i­ta­tion is the 10 min­utes I real­ly try to give my head some rest.

Just Every­time you notice you dwell off in streams of ttought refo­cus on your breath­ing. This can be frus­trat­ing at first, but it gets bet­ter quick­ly. Start with like 10 min­utes, which seems already very long in the begin­ning.

Shan­non Brown
Dur­ing Medi­a­tion con­cen­trate on your breath in & out moment. It will help to con­cen­trate on the medi­a­tion.
Son­ja Met­zler
When I first start­ed to med­i­tate it was a very dif­fi­cult time in my life. I felt over­whelms by what was hap­pen­ing around me and by what the future would be like. It was hard to take 10 mins a day to be quite. But I found the days I would med­i­tate I was get­ting slight­ly bet­ter at push­ing away neg­a­tive thoughts. I learnt that med­i­ta­tion is like a mus­cle, it takes time to build it. I still fall of the wag­on, every so often. I once had a 37 day streak where I med­i­tat­ed every day. So be patient and per­sis­tent and reap the ben­e­fits of lead­ing a mind­ful life.
Sig­mar Nau­mann
When start­ing to med­i­tate take deep breaths. Pay atten­tion to them at first. You can also pay atten­tion to how the body feels, feel the weight of your body. If you are expirenc­ing strong emo­tions and thoughts you can also try label­ing them such as thought or feel­ing. Med­i­ta­tion is a jour­ney, some days are hard­er then oth­ers but hope­ful­ly these tips will help.
Andre Gar­cia
Med­i­tat­ing out­side is very nice because you get a breath of fresh air and you can take a look of the beau­ti­ful world around you! Also wear­ing very com­fy clothes and tak­ing deep­er breaths helps! 💙
Feli­ciano Rocha
Don’t slow down your thoughts. Don’t try and con­trol them. Just watch them. And start with one minute med­i­ta­tion. Then two min­utes and so on…
Nicodemos Caldeira
You should start writ­ing Morn­ing pages as soon as you wake up. Search on Google how to do morn­ing pages. That prac­tice will help you sort out your thoughts and be ready for med­i­ta­tion.
Fredy Knoche
Don’t try to slow down thoughts, try to rec­og­nize every time your mind wan­ders and acknowl­edge the thought then decide if you need to make action out of it, if yes make a men­tal reminder when the thought should come again, then it is free to let it go and con­tin­ue med­i­ta­tion
Alexan­der Nielsen
I think the ‘visu­al­iz­ing my goals’ says a lot. For me the med­i­ta­tion ses­sions I’ve done for the past years only work when I for once on a day don’t think about my goals.
Try to let go of the idea of mak­ing med­i­ta­tion pro­duc­tive, as weird as it may sound.. by that it becomes more pro­duc­tive. Just focus on your breath­ing and when you find your­self drift­ing in thought, that’s ok. Just try to refo­cus on your breath.
Dustin Jen­nings
I can have a chart or cal­en­dar I see when I wake up to remind me to take the time at some point to med­i­tate.
Joris Lecomte
Its ok if you toughts jumps every­where at begin­ing or lat­er. U just need to accept them breath and be calm. In morn­ing and evening visu­alise your goal, feel it with every breath you take… See it. Touch it.…