What exercises can I do after waking up (jumping, kicking, and stretching, etc.) in order to get rid of sleepiness? Will martial art training help?

30 seconds of buttkickers followed by 30 seconds of jumping jacks will get your blood flowing and wake you up in the morning.

Teresa Parker

Move around deliberately. Slowly get your heart rate up. Don’t jump around – that’s too much when you first wake up. Take a moderate pace walk and stretch once your muscles are warm.

Brayden Wilson

Stretching is foremost and important for your muscles bones and blood circulation. Breathing deep will get your respiratory system going. Squats are very good for your knees and balance. Running , jogging or a nice walk will help to get all systems firing. Finally some sort of martial art will be great to bring the body and mind into total focus

Viktor Raschke

I stretch as part of the 1 minute stretch, though it's more like 3-5 minutes.

Martial arts would be cool, but I don't have the space for it right now.

Gavin Howard

First of all,I want to say you that you have to be honest about you.It means when you decide for anything to do,you will do that in anyhow.
If you feel sleepiness after waking up,you should try 3-2-1 rule.
It says when you want to do anything but you can't do it for that time just because of laziness. Then just countdown three two one and just go for the thing.you can change it with your simplicity.You can count it for five four three two one or ten nine….So on.but when you will say one it means you are ready to do that work.
Now after waking up you can do some jumping jacks if you want to be in your room or house,if you can,go for a walk.
I think It will help you.
Sorry for my weak English.

Mathilde Petersen

It might help, only because it would mean you're more flexible as a person. But, not a necessity. I believe for waking yourself up, Jumping Jacks is the best! Few jumping Jacks, and jogging (staying in your place), also you could try to be more active as you do the morning tasks.

Lesa Lee

I like to wake my body up slowly with dynamic stretching followed by a walk. Tai Chi might be a good martial art to get started with in the morning.

Zoe Curtis

Stretch your body in bed then after getting out of bed you shake off your body like you geting something off

Yann Martin

I tend to meditate – the deep breathing gets rid of sleepiness.
If you have bags of energy then do whatever takes your fancy – I imagine a HIIT workout would properly yield results. Or just have a nice dance while making breakfast!

Janardo Carvalho

I personally do a little stretching to loosen the muscles. Then I do squats, crunches and bridges. I don’t know anything about martial arts but I’m sure it helps.

Vicki Castillo

Dance dance dance!!! Put on a song and dance it out for a song …or 2 if you’re feeling it 💃🏻✨
Tap tap tap!!! Tap into to ancient wisdom of qi gong and the practice of tapping on the meridians to move energy. 🙏🏻✨💎

Stop drop and shake it!! Shimmy shake and shuffle. Shaking every part of your body either strategically from the ground up (shaking the feet first and then making your way up) or just free for shake yo shit! 🙌

Amélie Guillaume

Quick HIIT really helps me. Even 5-15 minute sessions totally help me feel refreshed. I find ones I like on Pinterest and use the stopwatch setting on my phone

Joseph Peters

I drink water first and then I start dancing. There are many different dance cardio routines that help wake you up in the morning.

Brianna Hayes

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