What exercises can I do after waking up (jumping, kicking, and stretching, etc.) in order to get rid of sleepiness? Will martial art training help?

Ben­jamin Louis
I find that yoga helps mas­sive­ly, even just the 5 minute ones on YouTube whilst the show­er is warm­ing up
Im usu­al­ly too tired and sleepy for any sud­den force­ful move­ments that mar­tial arts need but every­one is dif­fer­ent, I’d just say to stretch before doing it
Yann Mar­tin
Stretch your body in bed then after get­ting out of bed you shake off your body like you get­ing some­thing off
Jonathan Jør­gensen
I like to do stretch­ing as soon as I wake up, because it wakes up my body and put my brain in a good place for the morn­ing.
Amber Fletch­er
Exceris­es you should do after wak­ing up can include jump­ing or stretch­ing to get rid of sleepi­ness. Mar­tial arts will definet­ly help get­ting rid of tire­ness! Also remem­ber to stay hay­drat­ed in the morn­ing!
Edwin Ross
My expe­ri­ence is that exer­cise does­nt get rid of sleepi­ness, but it will help with men­tal focus, and learn­ing. And prob­a­bly the best exer­cise for that is just going for a walk or a light jog. Or danc­ing. any­thing that gets your heart rate up a bit, but not too much, for an extend­ed time.

I’m not an expert, but my under­stand­ing is this kind of exer­cise rais­es the nat­ur­al amount of brain derived neu­rotroph­ic fac­tors (BDNF) in the brain.

If you take BDNF and poor it on a petrie dish of neu­rons, they start to grow con­nec­tions like crazy. And I’ve heard that 30 min or so of aer­o­bic activ­i­ty can increase BDNF quan­ti­ties by rough­ly 30 per­cent.

If you’re feel­ing sleepy, and you’re get­ting enough sleep, well, my under­stand­ing is that some peo­ple are bio­log­i­cal­ly night owls, and oth­ers are not, so maybe your sched­ule just does­nt fit youre bio­rhythm?

If thats the case, maybe you can get some full spec­trum light­ing to help jog your cir­ca­di­an rhythm.

I have the UpLight, which is con­trolled by my phone and can sim­u­late sun­rise and sun­set, so maybe that can help you? Its also a lot cheap­er than some oth­er false dawn sin­u­la­tors out there.

So if you are a night owl, you could prob­a­bly set a dawn time thats ear­li­er than you need to wake up, and that trig­gers your body to think its lat­er than it real­ly is by the time you wake up. Although that light might actu­al­ly wake you up if its right next to you, so play around and see what works for you.

Gabor Pfeifer
Yes. Run,fast walk,some thing get your heart pump­ing / wake up.I run/ jog fast in place or through out my home for 5min.or more.
Mathilde Petersen
First of all,I want to say you that you have to be hon­est about you.It means when you decide for any­thing to do,you will do that in any­how.
If you feel sleepi­ness after wak­ing up,you should try 3–2-1 rule.
It says when you want to do any­thing but you can’t do it for that time just because of lazi­ness. Then just count­down three two one and just go for the thing.you can change it with your simplicity.You can count it for five four three two one or ten nine.…So on.but when you will say one it means you are ready to do that work.
Now after wak­ing up you can do some jump­ing jacks if you want to be in your room or house,if you can,go for a walk.
I think It will help you.
Sor­ry for my weak Eng­lish.
Lesa Lee
It might help, only because it would mean you’re more flex­i­ble as a per­son. But, not a neces­si­ty. I believe for wak­ing your­self up, Jump­ing Jacks is the best! Few jump­ing Jacks, and jog­ging (stay­ing in your place), also you could try to be more active as you do the morn­ing tasks.
Elis Sil­veira
Any exer­cise that is aer­o­bic and that gets your pulse up should stave away any sleepi­ness. Mar­tial Arts, Pilates or Zum­ba should do the trick.
Susie Craig
Yoga is a sim­ple morn­ing exer­cise. Some­thing that starts slow and builds up as I wake up. Focus­ing on breath­ing, strength and flex­i­bil­i­ty.
Lukas Tem­pel
Stretch­ing and yoga real­ly real­ly helps me. It’s a nice and slow tran­si­tion­al exer­cise that will wake your body up. To me, mar­tial arts would be, in a way, like dump­ing cold water over your head lol. Yoga and stretch­ing will cre­ate an ener­gy that you can hold through­out the day.
Micheal Har­ri­son
I rec­om­mend a mini work­out, include moun­tain climbers, and yeah mar­tial arts should do the trick(btw it’s real­ly cool that you do mar­tial arts)
Mar­cus Garza
Do a full body stretch or a quick 5- 10 minute yoga ses­sion. This maybe be help­ful because it’s low inten­si­ty and you don’t have the ener­gy yet. After, if you have the time you can do a quick full body reg­i­ment like squats, sit ups/ push ups, etc. YouTube and Pin­ter­est have a lot of great ideas! If you type in maybe “quick morn­ing exer­cis­es”
Maya Joly
I’ve been doing a morn­ing yoga rou­tine. Has stretch­ing but also has move­ment that gets my heart rate up so I can wake up grad­u­al­ly and feel ready to go by the time I’m done. It’s about a 30 minute rou­tine that I found on Ama­zon Prime.
Dora Flem­ing
Stretch­ing and a morn­ing work­out rou­tine. Mar­tial arts will def­i­nite­ly help. An old strong man tech­nique is to take news­pa­pers in each hand by the cor­ner, crum­ple and uncrum­ple to get the black of flow­ing through your arms. I feel stretch­ing and core exer­cis­es are great in the morn­ing to get me going.
Bri­an­na Hayes
I drink water first and then I start danc­ing. There are many dif­fer­ent dance car­dio rou­tines that help wake you up in the morn­ing.
Norah Riv­iere
Doing push-ups always wakes me up every morn­ing. Squeez­ing that core and push­ing the ground while try­ing to do as many as pos­si­ble and beat­ing the num­ber yes­ter­day is some­thing that’s blood pump­ing and some­thing to look for­ward too.
Amélie Guil­laume
Dance dance dance!! Put on a song and dance it out for a song …or 2 if you’re feel­ing it 💃🏻✨
Tap tap tap!! Tap into to ancient wis­dom of qi gong and the prac­tice of tap­ping on the merid­i­ans to move ener­gy. 🙏🏻✨💎

Stop drop and shake it! Shim­my shake and shuf­fle. Shak­ing every part of your body either strate­gi­cal­ly from the ground up (shak­ing the feet first and then mak­ing your way up) or just free for shake yo shit! 🙌

Cecy Araújo
I don’t know about mar­tial arts, but I find that yoga gets me up and feel­ing ener­gized in the morn­ing. It helps me stretch and loosen any sore or aching mus­cles, and I just feel bet­ter and stronger through­out the day.
I use the YouTube chan­nel Yoga with Adri­enne for real­ly great guid­ed videos.
Gavin Howard
I stretch as part of the 1 minute stretch, though it’s more like 3–5 min­utes.

Mar­tial arts would be cool, but I don’t have the space for it right now.

Ninon Aubert
I think stretch­ing is good first in the morn­ing ☺
Arlene Moreno
The first thing I would sug­gest is to do some stretch­ing as soon as you wake up in the bed itself, which will make you feel bet­ter and more awake. You can fol­low it up with a few pushups and squats after get­ting of the bed. This much would be good enough to get start­ed. Once this becomes a habit. You can exper­i­ment and be cre­ative.
Janar­do Car­val­ho
I tend to med­i­tate — the deep breath­ing gets rid of sleepi­ness.
If you have bags of ener­gy then do what­ev­er takes your fan­cy — I imag­ine a HIIT work­out would prop­er­ly yield results. Or just have a nice dance while mak­ing break­fast!
William Mar­tin
I believe that sim­ple exer­cis­es will be bet­ter in order to con­serve ener­gy for the rest of the day. So per­haps a long stretch­ing ses­sion will wake you up bet­ter than per­haps a marathon run.
Juve­na Por­to
Jump­ing and stretch­ing are best exer­cis­es to get rid of sleepi­ness. yes, mar­tial art will also help to get rid of sleepi­ness.
Alfred Mortensen
This is a great ques­tion. I hadn’t thought much about it although it’s some­thing I can use too. I think jump­ing would help to kick your heart up and wake the sens­es and a good stretch helps me to feel ener­gized as well.
Thea Hansen
I think it will be great to do so. I myself am a green belt im taek­won­do. I do want to improve my flex­i­bil­i­ty and kicks. But I fail to do such a thing as things I’m the morn­ing after wak­ing up. Because it takes warm up and stretch­ing to do mar­tial arts and stretch­ing just doesn’t give me the ener­getic vide in the morn­ing. The idea of going through a process of warm­ing up and stretch­ing just to prac­tice mar­tial arts makes me choose sleep­ing most often. So to get rid of sleepi­ness I think doing some jump­ing jacks or crunch­es is ide­al. It looks pret­ty doable in the morn­ing. After all who doesn’t like the idea of improv­ing their abs in the morn­ing ? It can also keep peo­ple apart from eat­ing unhealthy foods in the morn­ing as most of them won’t want their efforts go in vain.
Bray­den Wil­son
Move around delib­er­ate­ly. Slow­ly get your heart rate up. Don’t jump around — that’s too much when you first wake up. Take a mod­er­ate pace walk and stretch once your mus­cles are warm.
Norah Gar­nier
Real­is­ti­cal­ly giv­en the space that I have stretch­ing is the best answer get­ting out of bed in jump­ing and kick­ing seems a lit­tle dan­ger­ous to me while I’m still sleepy but stretch­ing out and wak­ing the body of slow­ly would seem to be the best approach for
Clifton Cook
I like to exer­cise on the Rebound­er. It’s easy to start, gets the cir­cu­la­tion going, exer­cis­es the whole body, and is fun! I like to put on a favorite tune and boo­gie! It feels good!
Tere­sa Park­er
30 sec­onds of but­t­kick­ers fol­lowed by 30 sec­onds of jump­ing jacks will get your blood flow­ing and wake you up in the morn­ing.
Vic­ki Castil­lo
I per­son­al­ly do a lit­tle stretch­ing to loosen the mus­cles. Then I do squats, crunch­es and bridges. I don’t know any­thing about mar­tial arts but I’m sure it helps.
Regi­nald Dixon
In my expe­ri­ence, sim­ple car­dio has been the best pick-me-up for morn­ings. A lot of those 10-minute body­weight rou­tines you find on Pin­ter­est that oth­er­wise don’t actu­al­ly do much for you work well. It’s less about get­ting an actu­al work­out in and more about get­ting your heart rate up and your blood flow­ing.
Hilária Fogaça
The best exer­cise espe­cial­ly in the morn­ing is def­i­nite­ly either skip­ping rope or jump­ing on a mini tram­po­line, this will help the flu­id in the lym­phat­ic sys­tem to start mov­ing and this assists with lym­phat­ic drainage. Get­ting those flu­ids mov­ing also helps with the bod­ies nat­ur­al detox process.
Start-off small play your favourite dance like no-one is watch­ing song and jump to it, you can increase your time every week by adding anoth­er song.
Vik­tor Raschke
Stretch­ing is fore­most and impor­tant for your mus­cles bones and blood cir­cu­la­tion. Breath­ing deep will get your res­pi­ra­to­ry sys­tem going. Squats are very good for your knees and bal­ance. Run­ning , jog­ging or a nice walk will help to get all sys­tems fir­ing. Final­ly some sort of mar­tial art will be great to bring the body and mind into total focus
Egon Bünger
I do yoga after wak­ing up (Yoga with Adriene on Youtube) and it has real­ly helped me to start eas­ing into the day amd tran­si­tion­ing from sleep to wake­ful­ness. I used to do Jiu Jit­su so I do think that mar­tial arts would also maybe help because it can be so intense, but I would per­son­al­ly find it hard to do imme­di­ate­ly after wak­ing up. It could also wear you out before the day real­ly starts.
Zoe Cur­tis
I like to wake my body up slow­ly with dynam­ic stretch­ing fol­lowed by a walk. Tai Chi might be a good mar­tial art to get start­ed with in the morn­ing.
Edgar Rose
Stretch­ing has always done the trick for me. Some­time I also stand on my toes whilst in the show­er to real­ly try to get rid of the slow­ness
Joseph Peters
Quick HIIT real­ly helps me. Even 5–15 minute ses­sions total­ly help me feel refreshed. I find ones I like on Pin­ter­est and use the stop­watch set­ting on my phone
Julceni­ra Rezende
I dance. The music in my ears wakes me up, and I get to choose the tem­po and type of song to suit where I’m at that morn­ing. Some­times you need a slow wake up, oth­ers you need to blast some­thing with a beat. It’s great hav­ing the flex­i­bil­i­ty. But the most impor­tant part is danc­ing in an area where you p you feel you can total­ly let loose and “dance like no one’s watch­ing”.
Jen­ny Jacobs
Absolute­ly. If you know mar­tial arts or are learn­ing morn­ing is a per­fect time to stretch and go through all the katas you know.