What visualization, if you have one, do you use for the rhythm of your breathing?

Amalie Johansen
Count­ing down from 10 con­cen­tra­tion on my breath­ing and imag­ing dream­ing
Zoé Rol­land
Yes, some­times I visu­al­ize when I need focus to med­i­ta­tion and reduce dis­trac­tion . The visu­al­iza­tion most­ly I pic­ture is air going from tra­chea to lung and lungs are inflat­ing and deflat­ing.
Mar­cílio Novaes
My home­land. All those places that reminds me of some­thing that brings me to peace. It can be a spe­cif­ic smell. The foliage of the trees. The feel­ing of the sun in my skin. Look­ing at my mom cook­ing while I’m sit­ting look­ing at her and mak­ing jokes. The music from my father’s gui­ta. The long walks through my favorite neigh­bor­hoods in the city that used to relax me relax before exams. My favorite col­or: green.
Jessie Roberts
I’m not sure that I’ve visu­al­ized the rhythm of my breath­ing, how­ev­er I tend to think about it like the ocean’s tides. Some­times it is hard­er and faster, calmer, low tide, high tide, rip tide.
Hans-uwe Edel
I don’t use visu­al. I use men­tal. I focus on a field of flow­ers!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Alex­ia Clement
I just imag­ine myself sur­round­ed by gold­en light. It gives me more of a calm­ing effect. Then I imag­ine myself inhal­ing and exhal­ing this.


I just imag­ine my lungs being filled with air and let­ting it out as I exhale.

Elio Schmitt
I focus on the breath rather than a visu­al­i­sa­tion when I’m doing rhyth­mic breath­ing. I guess I do think of it as a square. I am the breath the breath is me. It is about the now. If I become dis­tract­ed I thank the thought and let it pass like a cloud. I notice traf­fic for instance I note sound. If I feel cold I note that sen­sa­tion feel­ing. If I start to think about class and wor­ry. I note that as emo­tion. Every­thing comes and goes. Live in this moment it’s the only one that mat­ters right now
Alexan­dre Her­ing
I count each inhale and exhale until I reach 10 and start over. I visu­alise a bal­loon being inflat­ed, untill my lungs are full, and slow­ly deflat­ing and becom­ing limp as my mus­cles relax in the exhale.
Per­pé­tua Cav­al­can­ti
I tend to visu­al­ize while med­i­tat­ing with breath­ing. My visu­al­i­sa­tions now are myself being more pos­i­tive, gen­er­ous and a bet­ter per­son.