Which method do you have to migrate tasks to the next day, without writing them multiple times?

I don’t. I write them multiple times. If I’ve had to write it more than 3 times either I have to break the task down in to smaller chunks or ask myself why it’s actually on my list to begin with. I do spend mondays making a weekly task list and grouping tasks I can do together and block time in my calendar for those tasks. Like if I have to pickup something I ordered from a store, drop off dry cleaning, and stop in at a dance studio I’ve been investigating to get more info about dance lessons for my daughter then I’ll look at my calendar and block a few hours of time on the day I have to drop off donuts at the school for a class party or a day I have a doctors appointment since I’ll be out of the house that day anyway. I also estimate the amount of time tasks will take me (which is easier for me to do after I tracked my time for a few weeks and looked at the results) or I give myself a set amount of time to work on something and I work with a timer on. If it’s a bigger task and I’m not sure how long it will take I schedule an hour or 2 a day (depending on what my week looks like) and I work on it for that amount of time each day till it’s done…

Lois Lima

I put them in front of my computer to remember to do them first.

Marie Poulsen

I make it a priority.

Tim Leclercq

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